Taft Gaddy is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Artesian Water Partners (AWP), LLC. Gaddy oversees the strategic direction of AWP which provides clean water solutions to encourage healthy drinking water habits. AWP’s portfolio includes the manufacturing and distribution of natural alkaline water, purified water, and purification/filtration systems.

25 years ago, Gaddy learned about the chemicals in water during a job interview for a water solutions sales position. Gaddy’s curiosity became a passion as he began researching his local Detroit water plant.  As Gaddy’s research concluded that the chemicals used to clean water result in sediment that negatively impacts our water supply, Gaddy became passionate about positively impacting the American water supply.  Working with Federal, state, and local authorities, Gaddy campaigned to reduce, and if possible eliminate, dangers to our water sources.

With the understanding that it will take decades to undo the abuse inflicted on our water sources, Gaddy identified natural clean water sources, like artesian water, and reverse osmosis water filtration systems as mitigation to the toxic drinking water supply. Researching artesian water’s benefits to the human body triggered Gaddy to impact the health of future generations by providing children access to artesian water as early and often as possible.

Gaddy’s strategy is to replace sugary drinks with artesian water using characters, Mr. WaterMan & Friends, to directly market to children. Gaddy developed a kid’s water product, Mr. WaterMan, under the AWP umbrella which also has WaterMan Classic for adults. Gaddy branded the concept with a comic book and cartoon that promotes healthy drinking and eating habits.

Gaddy’s passion for educating others about the global water supply culminated in the development of a Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) initiative, STEAM H2O 4 Life which:

  • Strengthens core skill sets required for hydrological science--mathematics, statistics, geology, physics, computer science, chemistry & biology & food science--agriculture, chemistry & biology;

  • Advocates drinking natural alkaline water to combat childhood obesity; and

  • Promotes and educates on the benefits of clean water and food, and Advances innovative and sustainable concepts to improve the quality of the global water and food supply. 




Became the first African American to be awarded a franchise with, then industry giant, Water Resources International of Phoenix, AZ.


Created Illinois Water Resources in Chicago, which distributed residential, commercial, and industrial water through purification systems.


Partnered with world-renowned physicist Dr. Barry Shorthouse of Wayne State University in Detroit, MI to design and develop a reverse osmosis system. This system included an ultraviolet light that removes bacteria and purifies water.


Led a Congressional task force under Congressman John Conyers to research water solutions for Haiti.


Appeared on the Good Time Kids TV show in Chicago.


Led Avita Bottled Water company out of bankruptcy.


Participated as a judge in the Berkley Spring Water competition to promote a green, healthy planet.


Developed private label water for BMW of Sterling located in Sterling, VA.


Produced, in conjunction with the National Children's Museum, a play promoting healthy water drinking and eating habits to children.


Collaborated with Bowie State University and the University of the District of Columbia to create a curriculum for underserved communities to promote hydrological science, mathematics, statistics, geology, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, food science, agriculture, chemistry, and biology.